I started working when I was 21, I was a substitute art and craft teacher at St. Andrew’s High School. Even though it was a means to an ends job I absolutely loved it.  Means to an end literally as it paid for my fashion design school’s tuition. I think I was too proud to take money from my parents. So I went to evening school and paid for it myself. It was really fun two years for me teaching and being taught. After my course was done I was selected to participate in the design school’s annual fashion show. I don’t think I can ever  put to words the experience of doing your own fashion show!I slept for two days straight after the show.

In 2010, I got a job as fashion stylist in the flagship store of Tommy Hilfiger  in Hyderabad. For the next year I tried to prove my worth and was promoted to store manager. I loved my job, mostly what I loved was talking to people. There were so many stories so much happening in people’s lives it was hard not to get lost in other’s experiences. But as much as I loved working there I wanted to do my own thing  too. So I quit my job in 2013 and opened my own workshop. Opened a page on Facebook to show my designs and haven’t stopped doing that ever since.

Last year I felt I thought I could do more so I asked at my design school if I could come lecture on fashion styling, since then every day I also go to school as a visiting fashion faculty. Why the blog you ask, I think it was long overdue. I think I have so much to say, to share to experience. Fashion has always been a part of my life, that’s who I am. I think if I was ever to get stranded on an island I’d rather if it was an island of couture.

Join me on my journey to find the island of couture.