Coffee filter.


Playfully nails mumbo jumbo into oblivion

Giggles cream stone green child

Wild annoying rambles instructions

Window less sill creeper wall

White shadow makes magical flowers.

Multiple unicorns mist filled with stars

Daydreams kept at bay with a strong brew

But at the bottom rest a stormy dream

Locked away for a bit

Waiting for the change of the tide.

Sweetener artificially stirs happy froths

Inviting foamy clouds says this is cure to all evils

Lip stains and foam residues

The bottom dangerously close

But the story is still far from over

The last bit rushes down in a delayed urgency

Discarded filter breathes a sigh of relief

For he held the dam as long as he could

He made the best concoction

Alas they are back

Charging on a three headed horse

To spin the tale that many fail

But the brew stayed for the longest day.



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