Books Coffee Fashion.

Last weekend was kinda epic in my life. My mum left for her old job-new position abroad. So as you can imagine my day began in a haze, she left for the airport really early hours and I wanted to sleep after she left but couldn’t. As one my dear friend started texting, waking me from my sleep and saying more like telling me “we are meeting today”. 

Frankly I was glad to get out of the house. Being weekend and all, I just had to. So my friend Vini and I met, had some pasta. Hours of talking lead to coffee and books browsing. 

Sneaky friend. Sneaky sneeze.
As we were walking to the coffee place, I bullied her into taking my pictures. And I don’t remember exactly what she said but I think it was something close to her going to miss taking my pictures after I leave. 

After I leave, huh! That feels more like a question than a statement to me. 

You know what waiting feels like. It’s like that train you hear approaching but not see coming. I know I’m not alone in this mayhem caused by the waiting monster. We all are waiting for something to happen, something to change the situation, something to bring meaning to our lives. They hear it but it’s maddening to not see it, to experience it.  

You are not alone my friend, I know how you feel. I experience it to. Just keep you head above the water, you will make it to the shores. It really isn’t that terrible you know especially when you and I are in it together. 

The fun gorgeous you will make it and the impatient heartbroken you will be left behind leaving only the best you to go on. 

Don’t let the illusion of failure keep you from optimising your waiting period.  Go out, do something fun with your friends. 

If all fails go to your favourite cafe where your barista serves your coffee with lopsided smiley faces!



P.S. What I wore:

Red top( Max Fashion)+ linen pants (Marks and Spencer)+ accessories ( street store in Bangalore)+ glitter sandals ( Catwalk) +blue bag(Caprese). 


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