Jodhpur- My one great holiday!

Few years ago, a very dear friend from my days working at Tommy Hilfiger, invited me to her engagement celebrations at Jodhpur. She knew how much I love traveling and exploring new places so she was more like telling me to come than asking me to come. And I was super glad to be a part of her special day. If you have ever had the chance to attend an Indian wedding you would know its nothing less than a Cirque du Soleil. Most of us are trying to adopt western ways – invite only those who are the closest rather than the whole town! I think  you have to be a genius to make the perfect wedding guests list, so after all the screening and multiple drafts, to be invited to one is super cool.

Very touristy me and the beautiful bride-to-be Madhulika

This beautiful fun girl got engaged in the most stunning locations on earth. I hope you are taking notes and planning to explore Jodhpur like I did- A hardcore-wide-eyed-million photos taking-Tourist! Lucky  for people like me she planned the whole trip for me. The groom’s family gave us access to cars and a list of must go places. We could be out the whole day and night as long as we didn’t miss or be late for any of the functions they had planned.


My first stop was at this beautiful beautiful Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur. I think the only reason I wanted to see the fort was cause I saw it on TV in that Batman and terrible Bane movie. But as soon as I got out of the car I wanted to cry like a little girl, the sheer size and the architecture will kill you!



I took so many pictures, now when I’m looking for some to show you I just can’t make my mind. So a few will have to do and maybe I’ll show you more later.


Next stop: lunch at this beautiful club. I don’t remember the name( I think I have to call my friend and ask her) and this is the only picture I took. My camera ran out of battery!


After eating like a pig I came back to our hotel and slept for some time and got ready for the dinner/ birthday party of the new kid in the groom’s family. Such a fun birthday party this was. At one point I think I was a little jealous. There was a temporary tattoo station !!


Sorry this picture is terribly blurry :/

Alright moving on!! I think we had mehendi ceremony in the morning and in some cultures even men have to get their hands painted!

Umaid Bhawan Palace.

Next day we were invited for lunch at (groom-to-be)Ankit’s place and after lunch a bunch of Ankit’s friends asked me if I wanted to tag along to get some drinks at Umaid Bhawan Palace and I said hell yeah!!


We were seated  is this room converted into a cocktail lounge called the Trophy Bar, ohh and I never wanted to leave. I don’t remember now what we ordered but they have some really creative drinks.



Umaid Bhawan has this beautiful “backyard”. We saw the sunset, smoked some cigars and came back to the hotel for the engagement party.


Finally the night of the engagement was here. Again too many pictures to sift through. My friend Madhulika looked so beautiful.548804_10152207606410344_2075156573_n


met some amazing people.

The sights of an Indian wedding are hard to explain, it can only be experienced. It’s every bit maddening and exhilarating. I got to wear all my super flashy sarees and kurta. This was just the engagement, the wedding was in a month but before we were ready to say goodbye to Jodhpur, Madhulikka had one more activities planned. Next and the last on the list was visit to the Thar Desert camp. Then back home to Hyderabad and boring mundane life.




I don’t know what was I thinking, I had to go stick my face close to the camel and be awarded with a dementor’s kiss. I think we animal lovers think we know how they are going to react but never prepared! Boy oh boy this one needed serious teeth cleanup!


Lunch for the day and yes I requested cola. They all found my addiction to cola funny, they don’t know how much I love it.



I sat on the beast with bad breath! One thing off my list- go to Thar Desert and indulge in a camel ride. The family had also planned for camel races but it was too hot that day.

That’s a wrap people. My wonderful adventurous holiday curtsey : my always kind and beautiful friend Madhulika. I was so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of her special day and thankful for the much needed wanderlust getaway.

What I wore:

Meherangarh Fort –  White printed ruffle sleeves t-shirt ( Westside) + Blue jeans ( Tommy Hilfiger) + Gold stars studded bag ( Lifestyle stores) +  Black and gold sandals ( Lifestyle stores) + Boho sunshades ( Splash)


Birthday Party-  Champagne gold shells and pearl kurta and leggings( my designs) +Crystal earring and bracelets ( Aldo)+Beige heels ( Charles and Keith)


Umaid Bhawan Palace- Brown printed dress ( Tommy Hilfiger)+ Accessories ( Westside)+ Black and gold sandals ( Lifestyle stores)+  Gold stars studded bag ( Lifestyle stores)


Engagement party- Pink sheer and crepe saree ( my designs)+ earrings and bangles ( Charminar street market, Hyderabad)+ Beige heels ( Charles and Keith)+ Silver clutch (Aldo)


Thar desert- Boho skirt ( street store in Delhi)+ Black racerback and flip-flops ( Tommy Hilfiger)+ Necklace ( Westside)


Until next time!!!



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