beer and blues

How often have you gone to a really loud club and still come out alive?



I absolutely love Hard Rock Cafe, the food is amazing( every time I eat their chicken wings I die and go to heaven) , the staff I feel is a tad bit over the top crazy friendly and the music is always blaring loud. I mean I’m not a big fan of super loud music but I think  if they serve you like they do at Hard Rock, you can just about ignore minor discomforts. Plus you get so many photo opportunities.


The pictures are a bit hazy but they look soo good, I didn’t have the heart to shoot again and discard these.






So what did I wear to my lunch date my friends?

Tommy Hilfiger racerback+ Grey georgette skirt( my design)+ Lavie Sling+ MAx Fashion Green sandals+ Pearls and shells accessories( street stores all over India)




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