Fashion Fancy Tea.

My relationship with tea is that of a fish has with water. I’m always drinking tea, I even have a cup near at my bedside table. I have to have tea before bed and one as soon as I wake up, along with numerous cups throughout the day.

Naturally my love for tea took me to this tearoom near my. It’s called  “Tea Trails” and trust me they make amazing tea. And just look at the fancy way they serve tea.

Me my friend decided to meet for lunch here, even the light snacks they server are so interesting. I tried this tea infused chicken grilled salad. It may sound weird but oh my gosh! It was  super amazing.



What do you wear to go have fancy tea in a fancy place?

Blue brown floral top( Max fashions)+ Tommy Hilfiger Denim+ Rose gold sandals(  Accessories( street store in Bangalore)


So have you been to this place yet? if you are new to this city and want good tea, you know where to go!




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