Movies and fashion. 

Weekend is for binge watching movies. It’s oddly thrilling. First movie of the day – John Wick 2. A little too much violence for me but Oh my gosh Keanu Reeves, I don’t think I have to elaborate. Remember him in Speed! Also the dog, what is with them. They have no dialogues, no action but they are the best thing in a story.

Second movie of the day-Guardian the Superheros. If you check online, the movie didn’t get that good reviews but I think it was entertaining. The CGI was pretty good not entirely realistic but good.

Me and I my friend wanted to watch another movie but the show timings were so late. We had to wait 3 or 4 hours and I don’t I’m that patient. But I did watch another movie after I got back home.

Okay so what I wore for movies:

Black tank top- Tommy Hilfiger + linen pants- Marks and Spencer + rose gold sandals from this online store ( + cotton candy blue bag- Caprese + accessories from all over India.

I wanted to try to watch 3 or 4 movies at a cinema in a day but usually the show timings are never in  favour. If I manage to try this I think I might ruin the whole going to cinema experience for me. On second thought, watching two movies back to back was more than enough. Let’s stick to a movie a day in future.

Until next time.


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