Travel and fashion

If being a wanderer was a profession, we’d all ace it!


Radha beach, Andaman- Bag full of shells+ Tommy Hilfiger shorts+ grey lace top ( Max Fashions)

What is it that makes us want to just pack our bags and take off. No route map, no travel guide, just unknown roads, crazy billboards,smell of freshly cooked omelet of a street vendor.What’s so crazy about getting stuck in the middle of no where, asking for ways out,making special bonds with people who don’t even understand a word you speak.

Campsite in Jodhpur,very terrifying camel ride+ Gypsy skirt (my own design)+ black racerback ( Tommy Hilfiger)+ Tommy Hilfiger Flip flops

Now that I’m back in this scheduled lifestyle every time I see the filtered sunlight escaping through the trees I miss standing in the middle of rice fields where the wind would tousle your hair and you wouldn’t mind cause everything is in harmony with the air you breathe.

I want to go back! Go back and get stranded in that mad rain that chilled my bones, back to that insanely dangerous road that veered to the unknown darkness which looked more like a glorified tunnel with blinding light at the end!

At a beach in Goa- Paisley printed shorts ( Tommy Hilfiger)+ purple halter neck top ( street store , Mumbai)+ accessories and bling bag( Splash)

Chowmahalla Palace- Pink velvet skirt ( my own design)+ kids wear Tommy Hilfiger top+ accessories and footwear( from all over India) 

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