Bridge of time

Why are we enchanted by the ruins around us? Why do we plan our holidays around places long disappearing into time? Why is that century old corner house has a mystic pull to it, that makes us over and over again stop what we are doing and stare till we draw our strength to enter the threshold.

I remember walking up to the old fort wall, climbing higher and looking for that perfect place to sit. I don’t know what would make me climb higher but I remember how I would feel the whole way up.

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur.

Imagining someone else did the same thing I am doing right now, someone else walked the same path, someone else also felt what I’m feeling right now. The slips and fall, the cuts and bruises, the high-highs of my heart and the low-lows. Above all the cool breeze a comfort to hot heartburns.

They mean a lot of things to different people, to some they are just archaeological ruins, to some inspiration and to some an acknowledgment of time. They are a bridge between past and present. There is a reason why they have such a eerie feeling to it, if you think you are the only one who looks out to the world from behind the protective wall, you are wrong. Someone’s already done that maybe zillion years ago and you can’t help thinking what they were thinking.398234_10152207605275344_187552587_n

So every time I go see a fort or a palace or “a historical site” I’m open minded, I do what comes naturally to me, I think of how many people walked the same path or what they did in that courtyard around that ancient tree, or I think of my lover as the princesses did when they stood in their balcony and I smile because I’m awed and honoured that I am able to share a moment with them on my own bridge of time.



Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur.

Printed white, ruffled sleeves t-shirt( Westside)+ Tommy Hilfiger jeans+ sandals(Shoppers Stop)+My favourite black golden star studded leather bag( Lifestyle)




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