Palace, the enchanter.

Hey all,

November last year I went to this beautiful palace in Hyderabad. It’s called the Chowmahalla Palace. One of many palaces owned by the Nizam of Hyderabad. I think they still live in one of the wings of the palace that’s closed for us. I don’t have the whole history on my fingertips now, but I’ll post some info on the place with more pictures later on.

Like all palace in India, the attention to detail is amazing in Chowmahalla. I mean there’s not even a single surface that isn’t beautiful. The art is everywhere even on the floor you walk. I think I fell in love with the throne room, there are so many chandelier in that room alone.(I’ll post pictures of the palace in the next post)

If I could just sit here all day and night.

So what do you wear to a beautiful palace- something fancy ofcourse. Velvet skirt(my own)+ starry t-shirt(Tommy Hilfiger kids wear)+rose gold sandals(street store Delhi)+accessories (Splash)+bag(Lavie)

Very touristy of me.

How do you satisfy your need to travel and explore? Do you ever stop and think that some else stood in your spot and thought the same as you did?


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