bubblegum legs.


Every time I wore this dress I felt a huge sense of achievement. This is kid’s wear actually but I secretly felt super cool to be able to fit into clothes that were actually meant for 16 year olds and not for 20 something.


As I said earlier I’d like to share my story with you all, as much as I can. My struggles with weight and appearance and finally breaking the grips people’s opinion had on me. So when I look at this picture I feel stupid at all the times I believed people that I looked fat in this dress. I know my arms are a bit “not slender” here but for crying out loud it’s kid’s wear- size only I fit into!!!

What I’m trying to say is if you look in the mirror and like what you see, do hell with what people see and tell you!


Healthy attitude is the best style ever!

Kid’s wear  knit dress+bubblegum colour leggings+Flipflop ( All Tommy Hilfiger)



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