I guess I go to a lot of theme parties. Here’s another one- Hawaiian night. This one is from a few years ago, when I was working at Tommy Hilfiger. One of my colleagues wanted to do something different on his birthday. Hence the theme party!


Few weeks before this I was admitted in the hospital for a silly silly thing called “The Chickenpox”. It never occurred to me but chickenpox can be a major pain. Not just physically but mentally too. I had breakouts all over my face and some on my neck and a lot on my back. The chickenpox scars take time to fade. So you can imagine how conscious I was of my scars when I went back to work. I think I wasn’t prepared for so many people to keep playing join-the-dots on my face. Well eventually I got mad and got over the whole scars on my face thing and this party came along to boost my ego. Not to brag or anything but not only did my scars looked super cool, but I also got a big goody bag for being the best dressed at the party. Take that join-the-dots players!!


Black racerback and leggings( Tommy Hilfiger) +accessories (street market in Delhi)+ Puma Flip flops+ Tie and dye sarong (my own)


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