Body Positive Fashion Blogger.

For as long as I remember, people have very freely stated (often not required) their opinion of me. I look jaundiced or tanned, too skinny or too fat, ugly or too smart. And for many years I have believed a few things people have said, for example me being fat. No matter how awesome my styling is, or how fabulous I Iooked, there has always been that someone who would say,” Oh! you’ve put on so much weight”. I would at times get super mad and say something nastier and other times I would just be too shocked to respond.

As I look at my previous and current pictures which I will post here, I feel yes there’s always been a fluctuating change in my body. But that’s the thing- It’s my body. And believe it or not I don’t need anyone’s approval or assessment!

I love arts, I’m good fashion designer, I’m great with pets and I absolutely love reading and eating out. I’m a moderate fan of working out but definitely a big fan of staying fit. I just love fashion.That is who I am and not my waistline.



I don’t think your waistline defines you or your work. I believe that now and I believe there are many like me who often get discouraged when they go shopping. It’s not because they are fat but because people make them feel fat!

I hope I can share some of my positivity with you, as I share my journey of fashion including my ever fluctuating waistline. Over the years my style has evolved and it has only happened cause I made peace with myself over the things people say. Fashion is for everyone. Style cannot be taught, It is as unique as you.

If you like my style, follow me cause I will never stop trying new things. Like, Share, Connect =D

Don’t let anyone call you fat unless they mean Fucking Awesome Taste in Everything in life !



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